Wednesday, 12 December 2012

School Photo Shame

I had the most ridiculous school photo back for J the other day.
He looks awful. He is pulling his head back and creating a massive double chin look, baring his top front teeth like a rabbit ( he does'nt have prominant front teeth to start with), and frankly looks like a fool.
Is this the best the 'professional' photographer could do?!
My toddler could get him to pose better than that.
I wonder if the photographer just presumed that because they were at a special needs school the children were unable to smile or pose correctly. Wrong!
It is an insult to me.
It is an insult to J.

This was his last photo at this school, as he is moving up to secondary special school.
It had importance to me, a milestone.
The cost of school photos are always ridiculous, so you would expect the photographer to be embarrassed by their work, and would want to capture a wonderful image, not a complete hash. Do they really believe I would spend money on their work?

I have a fair few photos of my children adorning the house, and they are all taken by me. I do also display the two most recent school photos, so it's a shame that his last year cannot be hung up.

I have thought about contacting the photographers directly, but to be honest, if this is the quality of their high priced work, I'd be better off giving my Iphone camera to my toddler, and let him snap a proper masterpiece.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Poorly Boy

J has just got over another illness.
I received a text message from the school stating there was a lot of illness going around, and many staff were off sick.
I telephoned and enquired what the actual illness appeared to be. The reason I did this was because J can't tell me what hurts or how he feels. I like to be informed, so I can be prepared.
It was a good job really, as around midnight I heard him being sick. Thankfully he still does it in the bath, so it is not spread everywhere and is easy to clean.

My poor boy spent the night waking up, wretching, and moaning.
The next day he slept for the most, only waking to wretch or go to the toilet.
He is very good at helping himself when ill, and I left him a cup and some water. He sipped away at it, and took it slowly.

The following day he woke with his usual chirpiness, singing away, and wanting to eat breakfast. I monitored him, but he kept it down, and apart from having dark circles under his eyes, he was back to his normal self. Phew!